I offer traditional Japanese Reiki which is a form of relaxing and recharging energy work. Reiki works with activating the bodys own healing system. I as a Reiki practitioner works as an energy channel, you're the one that do the actual healing. Reiki is not a substitute for any medical treatment it gives support and relaxes the body which recharges us. It can help to decrease stress, anxiety, pain and it helps you to feel more present. When working in person you will have the added benefit of human touch which makes the body release oxytocin which is the body's own feel good hormone.

Since Reiki is a form of energy work it is not bound by time or location therefore it is possible to channel Reiki no matter where you are located the only difference is that there is no physical touch. For me it's easier to tune in to the person I'm channeling for and can tell you how your energy is in the body and what you need to focus on to be and feel at your best.

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Reiki 45-60min in person session (666 SEK)
Reiki 20-30min distance session (444 SEK)

What happens during a session?

In person session:

You get into a comfortable lying down position fully dressed on my massage table and get tucked in with blankets and pillows. I will then work with my hands in different positions on or slightly above your body. The treatment is very relaxing and you might even fall asleep (dont worry I'll wake you up, I promise). Afterwards we have a little chat about what I noticed and what you need to focus on to be and feel at your best. If you wish you can add infrared treatment to your session by using a infrared heated matress with turmaline and jade gemstones

Distance session:

You find yourself a relaxing spot where you won't get disturbed, make yourself comfortable and cozy. At the time of our session I'll tune in and send Reiki your way, you might feel this if you're really sensitized to energies like me but don't worry if you don't it still works as long as you're open to receive. After your session I will send you information about what I noticed and guidance on what to focus on for you to feel your best.

I got hooked the first time I had a Reiki session and even more so when I got to experience a distance session and could feel it even without the physical touch. It's such a beautiful practice and I hope you will enjoy it too.