A Soulful Season

 guiding you to grow through life


"Move through the cycles and be reborn every season, stronger than ever before with new roots and new knowings. Dare to bloom where you stand whether or not someone sees it. Bloom for you and enjoy your full potential.

When another fall comes know you're held, building new roots so you can grow even taller next season. You are planted here for a reason, your job is only to bloom. Enjoy summer but don't dread fall, we need rest and recovery to stand peaceful and tall. Be nourished by the earth connected to you and through your roots you find the abundance, abundance is everywhere and in everything you just need to open up and see.

When another fall comes remember how it felt to bloom and know you will soon bloom again"

- Charlotte Stomilovic

Soul work, soul care and beyond

Taking care of your soul, supporting yourself on you inner journey and growing through life. Change is enevitable, growth is optional. Change your mindset from you have to live your life to you get to live your life. You are in charge of creating and living the life of your dreams so add a little magic to your day!

How can you be supported today?

The first Soulful Season is here!

Release & Replenish is the first soulful season filled with yoga, meditation, mindfulness, journaling, self & soul care. It's a self paced digital course to support you through this inner season.

Xx Charlotte



She transforms and shifts the flow in the most beautiful way

“Her soul & heart notices the most subtle energy and transforms & shifts the flow in the most beautiful way. I highly recommend sessions with this amazing healer, yogi, soulcoach”


She helped me move forward in a lovely way

A healing session or a reading by Charlotte always feels warm and welcoming. She creates a sense of calm by the lovely energy work she does. Her energy readings and guidance has always been on point where I’ve been at that time and helped me move forward in a lovely way. I give her my warmest recomendations


My mood shifted instantly

“Charlotte teaches you the coolest things, in our sessions my mood has shifted instantly. I always feel safe and calm while working with her and she always brings such a lovely energy”