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What do you need righ now? Soul work, energy work, self care, guidance, movement or meditation? Charlotte is here to serve and support you with what you need in your current season. Book your session here or by purchasing a session in The Soulful Shop.

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Soul Session
Energy reading
Intuitive guidance
Reiki Healing

1:1 Soul Session

A soul session is best described as holding space for your soul. It's an extended energy reading where we work together online with what YOU need right now, you learn how to become your own healer. We explore guided meditations, energy work and intuitive guidance. 

Charlotte is here to help you find YOUR way and YOUR answers. You already have them within you and she will help you tune in to your inner guidance. You already are your own healer you just need to practice. A session will guide you in the direction you need to go deeper and guide you along YOUR way.

In your first session we will focus on getting to know your energy, how to ground and tune into your unique frequency and how to feel your energy. 

Additional sessions we will be cocreated and tailor to suit your desires and needs.


1 session 777 SEK


Charlottes strongest psychic abiliies are clairsentience (which means that she is a feeler) and claircognance (inner knowing). She has always been able to feel other's energies and now she uses that power to help others.

In an energy reading Charlotte will connect to your energy field and read your energy decode it for you. You don't have to do anything other than give permission to check in with you (book a reading). You will receive your guidance within a week after booking.

It is also possible to have a mini session (around 30min) where  your reading is live on zoom and if you wish youcan learn how to feel into your energy yourself.

After a reading you will receive written guidance on how your energy is at the moment and what you need to focus on to be and feel at your best.


Written Guidance 333 SEK 

Live Energy reading 555 SEK 

Intuitive Guidance

With the help of tarot and oracle cards Charlotte guides you intuitively to find answers and guidance on what's on your mind, weather that is a specific question or you wish to receive general guidance on what you need to focus on right now. Card readings are a lovely way of receiving guidance. One thing to keep in mind is that you have the power of the coices made in your life. The cards will give you guidance, you decide what you do with that guidance. You will recive your written guidance within a week after booking.

Pricing written guidance :

 3-card spread  222 SEK 

5-card spread 333 SEK

Large spread (i.e. yearly spread or similar) 555 SEK

In person or online session:

30min 555 SEK


A Soulful Season offers both traditional Japanese Reiki and intuitive Reiki. Reiki is a form of relaxing and recharging energy work lika a kind of massage (an energetic one). Reiki works with activating the bodys own healing system. A Reiki practitioner works as an energy channel, you're the one that do the actual healing. Reiki is not a substitute for any medical treatment it gives support and relaxes the body which recharges us and help you heal. It can help to decrease stress, anxiety, pain and it helps you to feel more present. When working in person you will have the added benefit of human touch which makes the body release oxytocin which is the body's own feel good hormone.

Since Reiki is a form of energy work it is not bound by time or location therefore it is possible to channel Reiki no matter where you are located the only difference is that there is no physical touch.

In an intuitive session Charlotte will tune deeper into your energy and tell you how your energy is in the body and what you need to focus on to be and feel at your best.


In person sessions:

Trial session 444 SEK (about 30min)

Traditional session 777 SEK (45-60min)

Intuitive session 777 SEK(45-60min)

Distance sessions:

Traditional 20-30min 444 SEK

Intuitive with written guidance 20-30min 666 SEK


In a soul flow session your body and soul will decide how it wants to move, discover what feels good for you and move your energy, connecting your mind body and soul. Charlotte will intuitively guide you based on your inner season and your needs for the day.

It is also possible to hire A Soulful Season for a group session online or in person. An in person event up to 25 people where you provide the space and I provide the yoga mats and an online event up to 100 people.


1:1 In person or online (45-60min) 555 SEK

Group sessions:

Online up to 100 people 1 111 SEK 

In person up to 20 people 2 222 SEK (includes rent of yoga mats)


In a meditation session you will be intuitively guided on a soul journey of your choice, you can be guided online (where you will receive the meditation as an audio file afterwards) or have a prerecorded meditation tailored for you. 


1:1 In person or online (10-20min of meditation) 444 SEK

Prerecorded session (10-20min) 333 SEK

Group sessions:

Online (20-30min) 666 SEK

In person (20-30min) 1 111 SEK

Is your soul craving something else?

I would love to tailor an experience to your souls callsings, send me an email and we will figure something out!